Ginssiyo Apara

February 24 – April 1, 2023
VCAM Upper Create Space

B A G G A G E features artworks by Ginssiyo Apara that bring together discarded materials, plastic bags, and other trash. Trash haunts and represents the looming threat of being removed, an experience shared by many residents in West Philadelphia who confront rising costs of living and urban redevelopment. In challenging the boundaries between trash and art, Apara’s art reclaims discarded materials as objects of memory, community, and solidarity.

Open Reception

Friday, February 24, 6:00pm. Reception to follow.
VCAM Lounge & Upper Create Space

Artist Talk

QnA with Ginssiyo
Wednesday, March 15, 4:30pm
VCAM Upper Create Space

Join Ginssiyo Apara for a chat about their creative process, their journey to becoming a visual artist, and the challenges they face along the way.