Open Studio

Tomorrow night (Tuesday March 4th), 7:00-8:30 PM join the Mellon Creative Residencies and Haverford College for a special Open Studio night, welcoming internationally-recognized Moroccan artists Mohamed El baz.

Meet the artists and explore past work and work in progress for the Fall 2014 exhibition Memory, Place, Desire: Contemporary Art of the Maghreb and the Maghrebi Diaspora. Following an introduction by Prof. Carol Solomon, Mohamed El baz will reveal a never before seen video installation.

The artists have travelled from France and Morocco to the Tri-Colleges for an immersive six-week exploration of contemporary art in the Maghreb, hosted by the Mellon Creative Residencies Program.

The Open Studio will be held in the Drop Shot Squash Court, in the Ryan Gym Basement at Haverford College.

Light refreshments will be served.

For more information, contact Mellon Creative Residencies Coordinator, Tom Bonner at or visit

Mohamed El baz

Moroccan artist Mohamed El baz has been in residency for a couple days now, and his installation for the forthcoming exhibition is taking shape.  With a tongue in cheek spin on the whirling dervish (see below), Mohamed has asked many students to aid in his project.  The play on the whirling dervish is to have students sing a song that has great meaning to them while they are spinning.  Though this project is young, it will be fascinating to see where it will go and what the project’s final form will look like.