Madiha Aijaz

Madiha Aijaz (b. 1981, Karachi, Pakistan, d. 2019) was a filmmaker and photographer, whose practice explored how pleasure and entertainment are experienced in public spaces. She photographed railways, devotional towns and public libraries, studying spaces and communities that have become peripheral to civic life, but which by tenacity and chance continue to survive. Her book on Hindu temples, Call to Conscience was published in 2014. Aijaz was an Assistant Professor at the Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture and received an MFA in Photography from Parsons with a Fulbright Scholarship.


Shahana Rajani

Shahana Rajani is an artist and curator based in Karachi. Her work and research trace the emerging visualities and infrastructures of development and militarisation using interdisciplinary methods and media. She is a co-founder of Karachi LaJamia, an experimental project seeking to politicise art education and explore new radical pedagogies and art practices. She also has a collaborative publishing practice with Zahra Malkani and Abeera Kamran called Exhausted Geographies that explores the relationship between image, text and the city. She is an Assistant Professor in the Liberal Arts Programme, at the Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture Karachi.