Jessica Backhaus Clips from "Once, Still, and Forever" 40 × 50in., c-print 2010 Image courtesy of Laurence Miller Gallery, New York

Jessica Backhaus, Clips from “Once, Still, and Forever,” 40 × 50in., c-print, 2010, Image courtesy of Laurence Miller Gallery, New York.

October 21—December 11, 2011

Curated by Sarah Kaufman ’03 and Rebecca Robertson BMC ’00, both former students of Professor of Fine Arts William Earle Williams, Through the Plain Camera celebrates photographers who take pictures that describe and yet transcend everyday experience, suggesting something about the specific interior lives of these artists. Inspired by Szarkowsky’s writing, Kaufman and Robertson have gathered unconstructed, unmanipulated images, which represent direct photographic interaction with the world as it is, so that we may all look at their commonplace subjects with new eyes.