Marianne Heier

One person pumping a well while the other fills buckets with water
Mirage, 2016
Ten water wells with identical Afridev pumps, one installed at Gaular mountain in Norway, nine in the rural areas around the city of Blantyre, Malawi.
Exhibition prints and documentation of interdisciplinary performance work.
Courtesy the artist.

Marianne Heier lives and works in Oslo, Norway. She often explores specific institutions ‘from the inside’, presenting the results as performance, text, installation or spacial interventions. Her work can be seen as situated within an institution-critical artistic tradition; but Heier’s position is rather the result of personal engagement, motivated by personal, lived experience, than of a calculated, strategic institution-critical praxis. Her recent works are often collaborations with artists from performative fields, with special interest for choreographic approaches to ideologically charges spaces. Questions related to economy and the circulation of value are central throughout her work, with the inherent power of the gift as a recurrent theme.

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