INVESTING IN FUTURES: Resistance After Nature Workshop with More&More (Marina Zurkow and Sarah Rothberg)

Thursday, April 13, 2017
4:30 p.m.
Cantor Fitzgerald Gallery
Haverford College

INVESTING IN FUTURES is an exercise in imagining global tomorrows through conversation, participatory gaming, and craft. In groups, participants pick randomly from a deck of cards containing parameters that could describe a society (such as government, food availability, working conditions). Some are absurd, and some quite possible. Through diagramming, doodling, and discussion, each group comes up with a future that suits those parameters and presents it to the other groups. Then, participants are asked to think of themselves as inhabitants of that world: making and sharing cultural artifacts (in the form of performances, objects, or food items) which might exist in it. Our hope is that by imagining alternative global futures from both the bird’s eye view (through world-building) and as individuals in it (through artifact making), participants will see new connections between the personal and the systemic.

More&More Unlimited (an Illogistics Company™) is an art collective founded by members Marina Zurkow, Sarah Rothberg, and Surya Mattu. The collective’s backgrounds range from animation to data science, infrastructure, ecosystems, anthropology, interaction design, and virtual reality, but their interests converge around global systems. Some of their past projects include: a pop-up store of fungus/plaster/3D-printed sculptures of globally traded commodities, a line of swimsuits called Tiny Containers (which visualize global trade relationships), postcards portraying nations as their commodities, and a radio which picks up info about boats passing by in the New York Harbor. For more info on the project, visit

Organized in conjunction with the Cantor Fitzgerald Gallery exhibition Resistance After Nature, curated by Kendra Sullivan and Dylan Gauthier; supported by the Hurford Center for the Arts and Humanities.