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Digital Transgender Archive
The purpose of the Digital Transgender Archive (DTA) is to increase the accessibility of transgender history by providing an online hub for digitized historical materials, born-digital materials, and information on archival holdings throughout the world. Based in Worcester, Massachusetts at the College of the Holy Cross, the DTA is an international collaboration among more than twenty colleges, universities, nonprofit organizations, and private collections. By digitally localizing a wide range of trans-related materials, the DTA expands access to trans history for academics and independent researchers alike in order to foster education and dialog concerning trans history.

Fales Library & Special Collections
The Fales Library & Special Collections, one of three special collections at New York University, comprises over 350,000 volumes of books and other printed materials; more than 11,000 linear feet of archives, and over 100,000 individual and unique media elements.

Major collections in the Fales Library & Special Collections include the Fales Library of English and American Literature, the Downtown New York Collection, the Marion Nestle Food Studies Collection, the Riot Grrrl Collection, and the general Special Collections of NYU. These complement the collection policies of the Libraries by supplying rare or fine editions of text and original copies of media, or by prospectively collecting in areas of historical and cultural interest.

Kinsey Institute Library & Special Collections
Established in 1947, the Kinsey Institute is the trusted source for critical issues in sexuality, gender, and reproduction. The Kinsey Institute Collections encompass print materials, film and video, fine art, artifacts, photography, and archives. The Institute has collected publications, objects, art, and data from six continents. Its holding span more than 2,000 years of human history, and run the gamut of technologies—from ink on paper, to microforms and CD-ROMs.

The Transgender Archives at the University of Victoria
The Transgender Archives at the University of Victoria is committed to the preservation of the history of pioneering activists, community leaders, and researchers who have contributed to the betterment of transgender and gender nonconforming people.

Since 2007, they have been actively acquiring documents, rare publications, and memorabilia of persons and organizations associated with activism by and for transgender and gender nonconforming people.

They began with the generous donation of the Rikki Swin Institute collection. The Transgender Archives have been enhanced by other significant donations including the personal papers of Reed Erickson, the entire University of Ulster Trans-Gender Archive collection, and the records of Zenith Foundation of Vancouver Canada, among many others.

Their records of research related to trans and gender nonconforming people go back over 100 years, while our records of activism by trans and gender nonconforming people span over 50 years and come from 18 countries across five continents. At over 320 linear feet / 98 linear meters, their collections comprise the largest trans archives in the world.

William Way LGBT Community Center Archives
The John J. Wilcox, Jr. Archives is Philadelphia’s most extensive collection of personal papers, organizations records, periodicals, audiovisual material, and ephemera documenting the rich history of our LGBT community.

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November 19, 2016–March 05, 2017
Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts

Un presente sin memoria: A/O (Caso Céspedes) / A Present Without Memory: A/O (Céspedes Case) – Cabello/Carceller
Thursday, November 3, 2016
4:30–6:30 p.m.
Magill Library, Philips Wing, Haverford College