• Sharon Hayes
    Sharon Hayes is an artist who uses video, performance, sound, and public sculpture to expose specific intersections between history, politics, and speech, to unspool reductive historical narratives and to re-ignite dormant pathways through which counter-understandings of the contemporary political condition can be formed.
  • Jennifer Karady
    Jennifer Karady is an award-winning, Brooklyn-based artist who works primarily in photography, film, and video and sound installation.
  • Dread Scott
    Dread Scott makes revolutionary art to propel history forward. His work is exhibited across the US and internationally.
  • Marisa Williamson
    Marisa Williamson is a project-based artist who works in video, image-making, installation, and performance around themes of history, race, feminism, and technology.

Curator and Organizers

  • Sally Berger
    Sally Berger, curator of the exhibition and a contributing writer for the catalog, is a film and media arts curator, writer, and teacher. She is a visiting instructor in Visual Studies at Haverford College (2018-2021).
  • Vicky Funari
    Vicky Funari, co-organizer with Assistant Professor of Visual Studies John Muse of the 2020-21 Faculty Seminar, Again as Before: Reenactment, is a documentary filmmaker, editor, and Senior Lecturer of Visual Studies at Haverford College.
  • John Muse
    John Muse, a contributing writer for the catalog, and co-organizer with Senior Lecturer Vicky Funari of the 2020-21 Faculty Seminar, Again as Before: Reenactment, writes criticism, makes experimental films, paintings, and installation works, and teaches visual studies at Haverford College.

Cantor Fitzgerald Gallery

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Monday–Friday: 11 a.m.–5 p.m.
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Visitors are required to wear masks at all times while indoors. Visitors should practice social distancing when interacting with anyone outside their family.