Press Photos and videos document a changing Africa
‘Possible Cities: Africa in Photography & Video” is a major exhibition now at Haverford College, developed in conjunction with the 2011 Mellon Symposium “Imaging Africa,” an international event held there recently.

The display acknowledges that we live in a “city century” or “urban millennium,” and that Africa is growing more citified at a faster rate than any other continent. Lagos, Nigeria, is one of the largest cities on Earth, and Nigeria’s Nollywood is the world’s third-largest and fastest-growing film industry. Continue Reading »


the artblog: ‘Possible Cities; Africa in Photography and Video’ at Haverford College
Possible Cities; Africa in Photography and Video at Haverford College’s Cantor Fitzgerald Gallery through April 29, 2011 was organized by Ruti Talmor, Mellon Postdoctoral fellow, around two considerations: that contemporary Africa is largely urban, and that the work should counter the fact that most images that circulate internationally represent the continent either as a vast nature preserve or as overwhelmed with poverty, health crises and political and social conflicts. Continue Reading »

Organized by Ruti Talmor