A Time for Farewells

September 6—October 11, 2019

A Time for Farewells has arrived. In a contemporary moment fraught with unprecedented economic, political, and social turbulence, art has the power to instigate change and offer a vision for the future. Casting aside the constraints of traditional notions and existing power structures, the artists of the exhibition present sculptures, drawings, videos, and photographic works that collectively imagine a future radically different from our present, in the hope that the act of imagining can be an impetus for change.

Curated by Premjish

Featuring Markus Baenziger, Atul Bhalla, Julia Christensen, Tushar Joag, Michal Martychowiec, Sumedh Rajendran, Gigi Scaria, Zoya Siddiqui, Vivan Sundaram, Omer Wasim

A Time for Farewells is made possible with support from The John B. Hurford ’60 Center for the Arts and Humanities and Tuttle Creative Residences at Haverford College and is presented in collaboration with Prameya Art Foundation and Art Scribes Award.