Zoya Siddiqui

Flying saucer hovering over a red landscape

Zoya SiddiquiZoya Siddiqui (1990) is a visual artist based in Lahore and Vancouver, working primarily in video, performance, and installation. She received an MFA from the University of Pennsylvania with the Lawrence Shprintz Award and the Fulbright Scholarship. She is represented by Shrine Empire Gallery in New Delhi. She has been awarded international residencies at the Vasl Artists’ Collective Karachi; Theertha Performance Platform in Colombo, Sri Lanka; In-Situ, UK; Delfina Residency, UK; and Triangle Arts Association, New York. Her works have been shown internationally at the Dhaka Art Summit and India Art Fair. Recent exhibitions include ‘Parentheses’ in New York; ‘Bild-Build’ in Philadelphia; ‘The Edge’ in New Delhi; and ‘Slow’ in New Delhi.

Artwork: Zoya Siddiqui, To God Shall the Alien Return, 2019. Video, 8 minutes.