Michal Martychowiec

Flower petals nestled into the gaps between paving blocks

Michal MartychowiecMichal Martychowiec (born in 1987) is an artist based in Berlin who creates conceptual series of photographs, films, drawings, neons, objects, mixed media installations, and environments. He is a visiting lecturer at China Academy of Art in Hangzhou. His work consists primarily of mixed media practice designed in larger series, which are developed hermeneutically around an expanded topic, and which he may reenact and incorporate into later works. He merges artistic and curatorial practices, and incorporates into his practice Occidental and Oriental philosophy, anthropology, art and cultural history, universal historical reflections, the history of religion, literature, archeology, and our contemporary culture and communication analysis. He is interested in the invention and autopoiesis of historical narratives and the comical recomposition of cultural symbols and archetypes.

Artwork: Michal Martychowiec, The shrine to summon the souls, 2013. Video, 10 minutes.