Gigi Scaria

Panoramic cityscape

Gigi ScariaGigi Scaria was born in 1973 in Kothanalloor, Kerala, India, and is based in New Delhi, India. He completed his Bachelor’s degree in painting in 1995 from the College of Fine Arts, Thiruvananthapuram, India, and his Master’s degree in painting in 1998 from Jamia Millia University, New Delhi, India. His work addresses the painful truths of migration and displacement, with emphasis on issues of non-belonging and unsettlement. His solo shows include ‘Absence of an Architect’ at Palette Art Gallery, New Delhi, India; ‘Where are the Amerindians?’ at Inter America Space, Trinidad; the Art Inc., New Delhi; and Great Art Gallery, New Delhi. He has exhibited at Stainless Gallery, New Delhi; Jam Jar, Dubai; Clark House, Mumbai; Gallery Espace, New Delhi; Avanthy Contemporary, Zurich; Gallery Sun Contemporary, Korea; 1×1 Gallery, Dubai; Vadehra Art Gallery, New Delhi; and Aicon Gallery, London. He has been awarded residencies in Biella, Italy, and New Delhi, India. He was awarded the Sanskriti Award in Visual Art.

Artwork: Gigi Scaria, On its Way, 2017. Video, 3 minutes.